Monday, March 28, 2011


Roy Black blogs about Lozano, below.....

The rains that we warned about yesterday came....at about 9:00 PM Monday night. So if you listened to us and brought your Mac to work, never mind. And sorry. Those
weather vixens are good for many things, but meteorology is not apparently one of them.

A Cobra escaped from the Bronx Zoo over the weekend.

And now that sneaky, slippery snake has been twittering about his (?) adventures on the loose in the big apple. The very funny tweets of @BronxZoosCobra are here. #snakeonthetown.

Bronx Zoo's Cobra
Holding very still in the snake exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. This is gonna be hilarious!

Bronx Zoo's Cobra
If you want to find me, I right in front of the original Ray's Pizza.

Bronx Zoo's Cobra
Dear NYC, Apples and snakes have gone together since the beginning.


DOM blogs
that a gaggle of Fed inspectors say the Ft. Lauderdale Federal Courthouse is the worst.

Query: Have they seen the courthouse in West Palm?

"Perjury. Steroids. Mistresses. Cap sizes (expanding). Testicle size (shrinking) "

OK- now you try and Twitter the Barry Bonds Federal trial.

Remember- 140 character limit.

And finally-

Roy Black Blogs about the Lozano case. He claims it almost killed him. We believe him.

If you don't know about the case, read his blog. If you were here for the mayhem, read his blog. It's a great entry.

See You In Court.

Bonus question- quick- who was the trial judge in the Miami Lozano case?


Anonymous said...

Do criminal lawyers make seven figures in Miami? If so who are they?

Roy Gonzalez said...

Joe Farina

Anonymous said...

What's up with Judges Muir, Bagley, White-Labora and 3d DCA Judge Suarez appearing at a reception for the Federalist society? I am not expressing an opinion about the Federalist society, but expressing concern about Judges affiliating with a politically and/or socially partisan organization.

mikal said...

While we are on the subject of snakes and weather chicas, here is something to take your mind off of things:


Anonymous said...

Many make seven figures. Unfortunately the first two are zeros.

MiamiRSVP said...

Dade County Circuit Judge W. Thomas Spencer

7 figures are a lot... probably attainable through hard work however, along with witty investment practices.

Anonymous said...

"What's up with Judges Muir, Bagley, White-Labora and 3d DCA Judge Suarez appearing at a reception for the Federalist society?"

This one's easy:
Suarez: Wants to be one of the three new Florida SC justices.
Bagley: Wants to be on the Federal bench.
White-Labora: Wants to be a Circuit Court Judge.
Muir: A true believer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rump,

Look up your favorite state attorney or public defender salaries here:


Anonymous said...

Roy is that really YOU. The Toothpaste question Roy Gonzalez ex-APD 11 Cir??

Anonymous said...

WAtch TV in Espanol for the rally good Teimpo y Clima. Go Jackie G.

Atlanta Roofing said...

We are confident that the snake is secure within the Reptile House. Still, some visitors were angry to learn that they had entered the reptile house without warning; it has since been closed. “When the snake gets hungry or thirsty, it will start to move around the building. Once that happens, it will be our best opportunity to recover it,”

Anonymous said...

"I am not expressing an opinion about the Federalist society..."

Of course you are. Why pretend that you aren't?

Would you object if they attended an ABA reception?

Anonymous said...

7 figures-Black, Srebnick, Markus, Joel Denaro, Jack Denaro, Sharpstein--maybe a few others--

Anonymous said...

WOW! You're really losing your edge. Enough already with kissing Mr. B's ass and the asses of the other local legal bloggers. The "event" last week was simply the last straw! The self-aggrandizing, egocentric, and self-promoting cross-referencing of each other's so-called blogs makes me want to puke. Maybe it's time for some fresh blood in the local legal blogs to shake shit up.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rump,

Miami Beach police at it's finest hour!


Anonymous said...

Take a look at Fulton v. State decided today by 3d DCA. C.J. Ramirez took a big shot at Scola and a pretty big shot at the APD. Also, sent the case back to a different judge, apparently taking judiciAl notice of her rampant bias and meanness. She missed her century. She wouLd have done well during the Inquisition

Anonymous said...

impeach rick scott!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Joel Denaro making seven figures is a CRIME. Look at his website. The dumbass brags about representing Colombians on extradition cases and he actually spells it as "Columbian". If that empty suit is making seven figures, I QUIT!

Anonymous said...

Re: Fulton,
the 3dca should not have said that in the foot note about the apd. They have not practiced in criminal court in ages. Its not fair to say that about the APD. Sometimes these clients insist on a furlough and the judge will not give them one unless the client plea to the max and will be mitigated to the sentence. This happens all the time and in every courtroom Clients insist on taking the deal and the apd is left in the position of having to advocate for their client's wants and knowing that there is a likeliehood the client is going to screw it up. We cringe when they ask us to ask for furloughs especially in these case. If we say no do not do it the clien throws a fit and says we are against them and if we do it the 3DCA slams us!

Anonymous said...

Fulton v. State...another Manny Alvarez victory!

Anonymous said...

Joe Farina- still around and reminding us that his successor's a stale turd by comparison. Luckily, Joe's still pulling for us at the Trial Court Budget Commission.

A more difficult question. Does Joel Brown consult Jennifer Bailey, or does she just email him the day's dictat?

Anonymous said...

scola is protected by her husband who is a great guy. without him she would not be a judge

Anonymous said...

Just met the erudite and gracious Brian T. at Sakura restaurant in Coral Gables. He was kind enough to give me 5 minutes of his time, while the throng of admirers was chomping at the collective bit, eagerly
waiting to touch their idol.

Rumpole, you would have been jealous.

Anonymous said...

"It is difficult to understand how an assistant public defender can agree to such a
plea at arraignment and still consider such representation to be competent. Fulton
was better off going unrepresented." - Fulton v. State


Shame on the State for seeking prison for a possession of cocaine/tampering with physical evidence case.

Shame on the Judge for not offering a court plea.

Shame on the PD for allowing your client to accept a prison plea to possession of cocaine at arraignment.

Anonymous said...

Criticism of the APD in this situation is bullshit. A plea offer was made and conveyed to the client, as was the PD's obligation. There is no way of knowing what advice she gave the client, but I would highly doubt she encouraged him to take the deal with a furlough and the max hanging over him. More likely I imagine the state and the judge threatened him if he didn't take it, that same BS "Oh you score blah blah blah but today I'm making this generous offer, but it will be off the table if you don't take it today", which if the judge is willing to go along with it, certainly works. So then the guy says he wants to take it but needs to get his shit together at home first, and the judge is all sweetness and "well thats no problem I'd be happy to let you do that but you'll have to plea to the max but it will be mitigated once you show up" and Mr. Client, who isn't exactly a paragon of decision-making or self-awareness, says sure. As a PD you can try to talk the guy out of it and tell him it's a setup until you're blue in the face but if he wants to do it guess what it's his decision not yours. As a pit APD I've had this same situation numerous times, the only thing I do that maybe wasn't done here, you can't tell from the opinion, is put it on the record that it's against my advice, but morally this is on the State and the judge who are the ones administering a justice system the way a payday loan works (to a vulnerable and unsophisticated clientele, saying "just sign here, you'll get what you want today, don't worry about what will happen tomorrow").

Anonymous said...

Shame on the 3rd DCA for hammering attorneys who aren't appearing before them to defend themselves. It sickens me that these self-purported champtions of justice who defend the rights of murderers and child molestors think nothing of trashing an attorney for doing his or her job (in this case, what his or her client wanted them to do).

Someone needs to remind the Third that the Florida Bar is responsible for attorney discipline not them. And that, yes, lawyers have rights too.

Alan Schwartz, chief offender who started us down this ridiculous road, I'm talking to you.


Anonymous said...

Prison plea at arraignment? Bad idea, yes.

But since when does an attorney have to "agree to such a plea"? I thought the parties that had to agree were the defendant and the state, subject to the court's acceptance. The lawyer is just doing what his client wants. Phooey on you, third deeseeay!

Anonymous said...

Beating on the APD is not really fair. But what attorneys should do is let the chief judge know that Scola has no business being a criminal law judge. The fact that she is a thoroughly revolting human being is not the issue. The fact that she screws up so many lives and we all stand around and put up with it is just wrong. She should be somewhere where she can't hurt people. She is a disgrace.

the trialmaster said...

include the trialmaster.