Sunday, October 07, 2007


That magic feeling is still missing. The problem is that the public and thus the spreads have adjusted to what we knew all along- that the Bears, Saints, and Chargers were way overrated, and the 49’ers, Cardinals, and Lions were way underrated. We missed the Pack on our radar screen. So because the secrets are out, it’s a lot harder to find those hidden gems like when the Cheaters were only -3 over the Chargers.

That being said, we tentatively advance these propositions:

The Bears are only +3 ½ over the surprising Packers. The Packers are at home, and the dream season continues. Packers – 3 ½

The Chargers are even with the Broncos at mile high. Gotta take Denver at home, especially when it’s even. Both teams are on losing streaks, with Denver losing at home to JAX while the Chargers knocked Markus out of the suicide pool last week by losing at home to KC.

The 49ers are home dogs, +3 against the aging Ravens. We warned you the Ravens were not what everyone said they were, and but for San Fran QB Alex Smith being out, the Birds would not be favourites. The 49ers start Super Bowl winning QB Tren Dilfer, widely considered the smartest QB in the league. The O/U is 35, and really, we have no business picking this game with the injuries and such. And yet, we like the Niners, and the under.

The Seahawks travel to Pittsburgh in a rematch of Super Bowl XL. The over/under is 40, and we like the over. Both teams have good weapons on offense, and the Steelers have several key players out on defense, including their all pro nose tackle Casey Hampton, and their all pro Mr. Everything Safety Troy Polomalu. This could be a shoot out.

Suicide Pool:

Miguel De La Over: Packers

Feet of Clay Kaieser: Tennessee over Atlanta.

Rumpole: Last week Dallas, this week staying in Texas, with Houston over Miami. Passing on the Pack over the Bears.

Let me just say I have looked closely at this Tennessee/Atlanta match-up, and the problem is that Atlanta QB Joey Harrington is becoming sneaky good. His QB rating is a solid 98. Throw out the first game of the season and he has been a quality QB this year. Lets just say that Harrington is playing good enough to scare us away from this game.

This is a last minute addition, and these can be fraught with problems. However, we admit that the J...E..T..S are one of those teams that we should have zeroed in on as being overrated from last year. And we missed the boat, although we did have the over with NE in week one this year.

The Giants are a team we have openly trashed because we believe that the coach has lost this team. And yet last week the Gints put on an amazing defensive display against the surprisingly bad Eagles. Both the J...E...T....S.. and Big Blue are home this week (in the swamps of New Jersey as Bruce sings in Rosalita) and the Giants are favored by 3 with 40.5 being the over/under.

Go Big Blue -3. And Under. The Giants have the defense to stop the J...E....T....S...bad running game. And 27-10 seems like a reasonable score here.


DUI guy said...

Rumps, thank goodness, you put the football up, becuase I am in a Fantasy DUI league, and with this being a late start on Tuesday and all, I have some questions perhaps your readers could help me with.

I have two Judges to Start, and I'm going with Bloom (my number 1 pick) and JOA Joe Fernandez, and sitting Newman, who seems to get over whelmed when the court is busy.

I also am starting Lurvey and Rob Biswas, and sitting Jimbo Best. I have one PD position to start, and my choices are the Lindsey PDs or the Arzola PDs. Any advice.

My league is a defense league, so I get points for JOAs, (and I sat Joe last week and missed his JOA DAMN) Not Guiltys, and motions to suppress. I also get points when any of my judges or lawyers are in trial.

Any advice would be appreciated. The number one guy in the league wants to trade me Arzola and Lyons for Bloom, but I said no way.

R. Montague said...

Dare I say what is bothering me today? Tomorrow is a holiday. And you know what that means? No (you know who) PDs until Tuesday.

Sigh. Alas she doth teach the morning to burn bright
she hangs upon the cheek of night
like a rich jewel in an Ethiops ear.

Rumpole said...

The first comment is bizarre to say the least. The second quotes our favourite bard.

Anonymous said...

Rump or Captain, how was the big Thornton swearing in?? Any reports?

Anonymous said...

I hope Miguel is right about his suicide pick because I am so happy Farve is playing well this year.


Rumpole said...

I don't get invited to such events, so I wouldn't know.

Anonymous said...

Prosecutors work on Monday, KFR did not come to the U.S. on Columbus Day.

Anonymous said...

Investitures are open to the public Rumpy. The crowd was more former bar presidents and community leaders than dui traffic mailer blogger angry asa hate bennett types, you know.

Rumpole said...

Gee, I guess you got me pegged. Hahahhaha. No Bar President here. Bar resident maybe. But not Bar President.

Blog Town Crier. said...

Breaking Blog News.

Trent Green Out.
Cleo Lemon has Dolphin Offense on the Move.
Dolphins up by 6 and trying to score again.

Rumpole's suicide pick on the line.

Stay tuned.

Gator baiter. said...

Rump; That fizzing sound you heard was the air being let out of Gator ballons all over the land.

A moment of silence please for our Gator faithful.

So close. So Far. One minute away from being back in the National Title hunt.

Once again, Gators hopes dashed, cruely.

Anonymous said...

John Thorton will be a prosecutors dream.

blog town crier said...

Breaking Blog News:

4th quarter. 12:46 left. Dolphins up 19-16. Rumpole worried. Texans playing bad.

Anonymous said...

Trade for the L&L twins associate. Articulate, bright, can try a case and easy on the eyes. Inexperiences but a young talent for the future. Jimbo Best is a steal as most thing he is past his prime-plenty of litigation left in that closer. Dump Reif and Catelano-overrated blow hards-send them to the booth. Hersch is a must. Put him in as head coach if you can-genius at every level.

Anonymous said...

Yea, first impression of John as Judge is Julio Jimenez, yikes! Maybe he's trying to offset expectations that he'll be defense oriented. Judge Diaz he is not.

American Blog Media Corp said...

Rumpole I am a publisher of a daily paper and I have just a few questions:

1. Age ( or withion 10 years of real age).

2. How long have you been in Miami (Born, Moved here 5, 10 20 yrs ago).

3. How many years have you been a licensed attorney in Florida? Appox year is fine.

4. Do you have bar license in other States. If yes have you ever practiced law in those States?

5. Do you speak any other languages?

6. What is your favorite dessert?

7. Do you live in the Gables or Miami Beach or neither? Please pick one.

8. Do you have Children? If the answer is Yes how many appox number is fine.

9. Have you ever been arrested? is Yes have you ever been convicted of a crime?

10. Have you even been sued? If the answer is Yes did you lose?

11. Have you ever filed a notice of appeal? If Yes did you ever get a reversal of a lower court ruling?

12. Do you have any pets? If yes what kind of pet?

13. Do you have a pool?

14. Do you own, rent or lease? If you own do you own House or Condo?

15. Have you ever been in a car accident? If yes was it your fault?

16. Will you ever tell your identity? If Yes when?

17. What most surprises you about the popularity of your blog?

18. You said once that someone offered you money for the blog. Is this true? If yes what was the offer?

19. Will you sell the blog for a certain dollar amount?

20. Why do you issist on moderation when your blog's popularity was built on the spontaneous comments of your supporters?

21. Will you ever stop moderation?

22. Will you allow the trial master back?

23. Did you shoot J.R.?

CAPTAIN said...


A huge turnout for the Thornton Investiture. Large contingent of Circuit and County Court Judges, and bigger than expected number of Federal Judges and 3rd DCA judges.

Also present, several former Fla. Bar Presidents including Edith Osman, Hank Coxe, Herman Russomano, sitting Prex Francisco Angones, and a major showing in the name of Janet Reno.

Several nice speeches - Angones and Colson, but former law partners Emas and Rothman stole the show; (Emas brought down the house); and none other than Chief Fed. Judge Frederico Moreno (another ex partner) did the swearing in. But not before presenting John with a special gift to represent Moreno's and Thornton's love for their formerly winless Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.

You can find Judge Thornton in Courtroom 4-3, formerly Judge David Young's stomping ground.


Anonymous said...

One of the few Judges with a campaign site up.


Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that the 2 yahoos on NBC's Football Night In America pregame show, Chris Collinsworth and that idiot Barber twin (whom NBC is mysteriously ga-ga over) called the block that Trent Green threw that may help end his own career a "CHEAP SHOT"???? (Yep, if you really want to hurt a 300-pound lineman, just ram his kneecap with your seriously-concussed-last-year head. Makes sense.) Kudos to Jerome Bettis (also on the pregame panel) for not buying into the "cheap shot" bullshit.

Then in the true sportsman tradition of a Gator, (see John Reaves; flop...it even has a Wikipedia entry for you kids) Collinsworth did a "180" when Keith Olbermann awarded the lineman his "Worst Person in the NFL" award in the halftime segment for taunting the face-down, unconscious Green. Collinsworth totally changed his tune when he was away from his jock buddy Barber. Guess he couldn't defend his stupid position in a discussion with Olbermann and Costas. What a jackass.

Anonymous said...

Shit week for you, Rumpole.

Anonymous said...

Call them the ..lphins. No D and no O.

They are the worst team in pro football, period.

Rumpole said...

Oh boy did I get creamed. Might just take a week off. I feel like the Broncos.

Rumpole said...

Nice report Captain.

Anonymous said...

Hope you didn't bet with a bookie, with those spreads Rump......Any given Sunday....b a little creative next week.